I love how the superwhlock one of this has all of this arguing and the homestuck one is just being reblogged by homestucks like “ya it totally is”

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answered some asks! 

sorry it took a while! alsoooo… doodledumps! :D

♥ thank you very much for your messages! you’ve all made me really happy! <3 <3 <3 it was so nice reading them!

yes, i do admit to having a lack of variety in body types (and facial types, too! i have a lot to improve on aaaa) so i’m trying to practice it now! i dont have proper fullbody sketches yet but please take a look at some studies that i have been doing! i’m trying my hand at semi-realism and at the same time also polishing my own art style into something more ‘lifelike’ idk ahaha :D

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finals was stressful so this happened [insp]

#john should be the bunny #dave should be the chicken

i still prefer the first ones though hhhahaha


i got to meetup with homestuck friends today including kitskittle AND LOOK WHAT SHE GAVE ME OMG

and i can touch it now


finals was stressful so this happened [insp]


Here’s a huge compilation of my sims that I made using the CAS demo :D 

I’m planning to add more soon.. :D 


Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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life update★!

okay so i had my thesis (idk more like an exit project) internal defense last aug 11 (monday) and uhh all this one panelist would say is that “i hate anime; i really really hate anime”; “your characters are a waste" (just because it looks anime to him) and that no one would like my stuff (even tho my target audience is you guys and that i value your opinions more) and junk; so the whole panel (there were 3) goes “don’t you have other styles? like even for the eyes" then i was like ‘ok’. // mind you my medium was ‘INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL’ so i thought they were looking for detailed stuff;;; apparently they want cartoony-ish styles; or something that was ‘my own’ and im like.. but this is my own what do you want me do to :))) . i think it was because of the way i draw eyes, since i try to have good rendering, proportions and anatomy :0 what do you guys think?

tldr; my defense went like:

so here im practicing my other styles for my project 8D i think it’s also a way to get me exploring other styles? i guess? oh also other students get different panels so i guess they got lucky they didn’t get mine :)))

i also did a oneshot 20-page comic for one of my classes! it grew from this dirkjake au i had a long time ago but idk i feel so embarrassed about it :)))

Part 2 of 2 ♥ Thanks for all the birthday greetings last july!!! so happy >3< //smoochies!!!

Yaaas finally answered all of them! I think! If your question/message is not here please do not hesitate to send it again! I lose stuff a lot aaaa im so sorry O<-< if you want a private answer please say so! >v< /

Thank you for all of your support! Ahahaha i need to upload some art to make up for my inactivity omg hold on guys eheheh 

ojisanji u cutie im so sorry for being a butt during our convos bec i reply late aAerhrgh //flops in front of u