Happy birthday, dear kitskittle (。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡ 

I hope you like this cute Dirk w/ a cupcake ( ˘ ³˘)❤


life update★!

eyyy im currently on a hiatus- kinda lel
college is eating up all my energy, time — and sleep (ooo sweet potatoes i need sleep)
sssoooo idk ahaha some asdkjh characters for a school project 8D
//tried the emofuri thingie with them too :3c

yeaaa *waves hello to the new followers
also thank you very much for all your supporttttt i am so happyyyyy despite all the stress from school ;v; will try to reply to messages soon! thanks everyoneee <333333


people who reblog your stuff and write nice things in the tags


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Hi Kitskittle! I found your tumblr page a little while back an I thought that for your birthday I could draw a couple of Striders for your birthday. Hope you don’t mind the picture quality. kitskittle



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I got my CAS Demo last friday and I’m so happy to have some hands on experience with the new CAS. 

I made like, 20+ sims and some of them aren’t here in this shitty collage that I’ve made. For those simmers out there who are still waiting for the demo, check the guides posted by some fellow simmers around the forums and I guess they are releasing it by country/area/region starting from Australia then to the United States. 


Climate change is pulling the sea ice out from under polar bears’ feet, forcing them to swim longer distances to find food and habitat. Long-distance swimming puts polar bears at risk of drowning due to fatigue or rough seas. 

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nonononono look your land is supposed to challenge you to help you become a better person not reflect your needs that’s why rose’s was so bright and colorful and john’s so dark and jade’s so cold. 

Dave was insecure enough to the point he had to desperately hold onto his “cool kid” persona and needed a lot of attention. His land is desolate.


Dirk has serious control and anxiety issues. His land is a giant city.


It puts you out of your comfort zone.

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